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Information, articles and news about cancer and oncological care from Verdi Cancer and Research Center of Texas.


The Oncology Care Model: Improving Patient Outcomes and Lowering Costs

Oncology care is one of the most progressive medical fields to be a part of. There are constant innovations that help to improve patient outcomes and reduce mortality rates. The oncology care model (OCM) is one of the most promising…

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Adjusting to Life With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is one of the most shocking and devastating experiences you can go through. Cancer affects people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, but no one expects to be personally afflicted by the disease. Although modern medicine and…

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The Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Trials

Between 1999 and 2021, the U.S. conducted more clinical trials than any other developed country, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which was 157,618 trials. Coming in for a relatively close second was China, having conducted 80,333 studies in…

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Reducing the Financial Burden of Cancer Treatment

In 2018, healthcare costs for cancer patients in the United States totaled over $112 billion, creating a financial burden for individuals and American society. Some oncology practices adopt a medical model that offers a wide range of patient resources and…

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Design Thinking in Oncology: Improving the Patient Experience

Design in community oncology is the deliberate creation of an experience for oncology patients. This approach uses an empathy-driven model to improve the overall experience. Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving, leveraging human experience to generate ideas, prototypes, and…

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Physical Therapy and Cancer Recovery

Cancer physical therapy can improve your overall health while recovering from cancer. It offers significant benefits for patients who experience difficulties from cancer-related treatments. Additionally, it helps ease the emotional turmoil caused by the inevitable waves of fear and frustration.…

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