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Design Thinking in Oncology: Improving the Patient Experience

Design in community oncology is the deliberate creation of an experience for oncology patients. This approach uses an empathy-driven model to improve the overall experience. Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving, leveraging human experience to generate ideas, prototypes, and…

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Physical Therapy and Cancer Recovery

Cancer physical therapy can improve your overall health while recovering from cancer. It offers significant benefits for patients who experience difficulties from cancer-related treatments. Additionally, it helps ease the emotional turmoil caused by the inevitable waves of fear and frustration.…

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Managing Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Anxiety is a natural response to this new reality when patients receive a cancer diagnosis. However, managing anxiety in cancer patients may look different than dealing with anxiety in other patients. Patients undergoing screening for cancer, waiting for cancer test…

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CAR-T Cell Therapy: How It Works

Just hearing that you have cancer can be overwhelming. The real challenges begin when your doctor explains the specifics of cancer treatment. Suddenly, in addition to coping with a cancer diagnosis, you have a whole new vocabulary to learn and…

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Why Quality Clinical Documentation Matters

Patients seek medical care hoping for a high-quality experience across the board. Offering a cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, and path for the future are a few ways to ensure your patients get what they need. However, quality clinical documentation is…

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What Is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care is an emerging framework that pays medical providers based on a patient’s health outcome. It differentiates itself from other popular models such as FFS by focusing on quality rather than quantity of service provided. Traditionally, hospitals and healthcare…

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