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What Are the Recommended Cancer Screening Tests?

In a study published by the American Cancer Society, researchers detailed what most would agree are startling and ominous findings, the first being an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases are projected by the end of 2022. The second is…

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Cancer Care

Cancer care has developed greatly over recent years with the induction of artificial intelligence. More patients are being treated early as AI technology is becoming more widely available for facilities across the globe. If you’re not familiar with how AI…

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8 Common Questions About Pancreatic Cancer

What Causes Pancreatic Cancer? Like many questions about cancer, the specific cause is unknown. Cancer results when your DNA changes in such a way that certain genes, which are called oncogenes, allow tumors to form. Alternatively, the change could result…

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What is Cancer and How Does it Develop?

Cancer is when certain cells inside the body start to grow uncontrollably. This uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells can develop pretty much anywhere in the body, including in the blood. Cancer can affect people of all ages. However, it’s more…

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How Lung Cancer Awareness Helps Reduce Risk

Did you know that lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide? At Verdi Cancer & Research Center of Texas, we believe lung cancer awareness is necessary for lung cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. Learn…

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Vulnerability in Brain Tumors Informs New Treatments

Receiving the diagnosis of a brain tumor is a stressful and often scary experience. However, treatments are available for the many types of brain tumors. The treatment options have evolved considerably over the years, and medical breakthroughs have decreased the…

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